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You should see the amount of data I have collected in the 99 days I’ve been on the blogging scene! Holy cow! Here’s what I’ve determined. My posting days will probably not matter in the long run. You should see the amount of time I’ve spent to conclude this very scientific result. It has its own folder. But seriously, I have been at this for 99 days (today), have reached 29 countries, have had 3,709 views on my site (with the best being 169 views in one day).

countries 1

countries 2bI have to say, I never, ever thought I would get a following. I’m still not sure that I really have a following per se, but I do have some things that are interesting people. Freezer meals are interesting to people (465 views thanks to Pinterest). Not many people are commenting, but somewhere, I’m being shared and Googled! How cool!!! I’m a blogger and after I added up all my followers through the RRS feed (newsletter emailed to you), Pinterest (410), Twitter, and Hometalk, I have 564 followers. I know a lot of it is through Pinterest (as it should be), but still. Some people have heard of me and each month, I keep getting more and more followers! LOVE IT!!!

happy face

Let me tell you what else is cool. I went to the doctor last week (I have messed up my back). The nurse was telling me all about her weekend project and said that she thought about me all weekend! Guess what else? I have a friend that has contacted me a few times to see if I think she (or I) can make something Pinteresting. And then, after that, I have had a friend post to my Facebook the cool things that she thinks I should do! Then, iI went to therapy and someone told me they want me to distress a dresser for them!!! I am not making a huge living doing these side jobs, but I am making a few dollars that is going right back into my business. This is going to work!!! Gail D, thanks so much for pushing me to do this blogging thing! You’ve been my inspiration and rock throughout this journey! Check out Gail’s Etsy Shop VintageGriffin for all your vintage clothing for your modern closet needs!vintagegriffinAre you as excited as I am?!?!?! Oh yeah, guess what else? Gail (not to be confused with VintageGriffin) allowed me to do this guest post on It was popular (for me) and it was the last project that my dad and I will probably ever work on together, so the TV stand was near my heart.

I follow Gail on bloglovin Since I don’t look at her full site regularly, I don’t know all about her many sponsors and advertisers. But one post about Hometalk caught my eye. Here’s the idea: Hometalk is kind of like Pinterest, except it’s geared for DIY’ers. Their site says this: Hometalk is a community of homeowners, renters, and home improvement pros who enjoy sharing ideas and advice about home and gardening. exists for one simple reason: to make home improvement better and easier for you.


Cool, right?!?!? I’m new and I am learning about it while I have a small amount of free time, so I’m no expert. Bare with me. OK, you can be a Member, Blogger, or Contractor. I’m a blogger, so one of their representatives emailed me, saying she was going to be my personal Hometalk blog mentor. How cool is that, right?!?!? It seems like she’s going to help me become more popular on their site too. Cool! Since I think she’s so cool, you can follow her blog at

Ok, but there’s so much more with Hometalk. You can upload photos, ask questions, and clip and share your stuff. Did you hear that? You can take a picture of your DIY (or garden, etc.) issue and ask the community a question. These heavy-hitting DIY’ers just answer your questions and tell you how they’d tackle your problem! FOR FREE!!! So cool, right? I know you can ask at, but this is specific to what I like to do best.

Want to see my profile and follow me on Hometalk? Click here. Follow me. Love this site like I do!

Hometalk has not asked me to write this, I just want you to know about it because I think it’s cool! I have found that their mobile site is not as friendly as their full site, but I’m sure they are working on it. If anyone knows how difficult that orchestration is, it’s me. I’ll certainly give them a break!

As I sit here typing, I just checked out some of the recent questions. Rachel from GA asked about redoing her countertops to stainless an hour ago. Already, she’s had someone send her a link to a blog that did just this and a response. Seriously. This thing is huge!

So, off my Hometalk horse. The whole point of this blog was to let you know when I was going to post. Thursdays and Saturdays have been my best days. When I first started, I read a blog that said Thursdays and Saturdays were the best days to post. I write my posts with Siri on the way to school. It’s summer. I no longer have an extended amount of time in the car. I’m falling further and further behind. I had scheduled posts through last Thursday and now all my scheduled posts have been posted. I’m out. I have writing and editing and uploading pictures to do. Oh yeah, my internet stopped working Sunday. And my flash on my camera broke. And, and, and! That makes it very difficult to get any blogging done. I have a lot of posts started and some projects started and some finished and I just can’t wait to share them with you! That being said, I am going to start this summer off by only posting one post a week. It’ll be on Thursdays at 11:00. If you have a time preference, leave me a comment. If you have a post preference, leave me a comment. Here are my latest projects:

  • Reupholstering an Ottoman – I’m working on this one for next week. I’ve already had someone tell me they want to see how I did it.
  • Redoing the cushion for the dresser I repurposed into a toddler bench
  • Sewing slipcovers (side note: my stupid sewing machine still isn’t working)
  • Sweet Shop
  • Making a workbench…or 10
  • Remodeling – bathrooms, master bedroom, living room, entranceway
  • Replacing siding
  • How to paint a Chevron Wall
  • Painting Exterior doors
  • DIY Roman Shades out of mini-blinds
  • $8 Ombre dresser
  • Oh yeah, what do you think I should do with this antique that no one will ever want because it’s too ugly for words?


I have thought about throwing in some recipes every now and then too, however, I am also very interested in spending some good, quality, dirty/outside/zoo/swinging/mud puddling/wagon pulling/picnicing time with my favorite 1- and 2-year-olds this summer. So, if I get some recipes up, I’ll probably post them on Saturdays. If I don’t, I don’t! I’m positive you won’t starve and if you do, just come over. I have some freezer meals ready for you in the garage freezer!

Thanks for helping me make this a success! I am still learning (with blogging and DIY stuff and life), but I really feel like I’m starting to have so much knowledge!

green and growing

I have a sign in my classroom that my principal hates. My previous superintendent used to say it. “Are you ripe and rotting or green and growing?” I recently discovered that I had bee rotting for years. I am finally starting to grow! This blogging/DIY/business thing is making me come back! I can’t wait to see what the next 99 days holds!





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12 thoughts on “Blogger Success So Far…

  1. Reply Gail Dayton Jun 20,2013 11:23 am

    Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!!! I am so proud of you! What an inspiration you have become to me and many others! Thank you for sharing my shop on your blog! I am honored!!! I hope to have my own blog one day soon, and can’t wait for your advice! I am going to check out HomeTalk, sounds super cool, and helpful! And p.s. I know you are blogging about DIY makeovers, but I LOVE the green chair just as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has that Vintage Flair that I love! Much love and success to you Rach! You are “growing again”!

  2. Reply sara mcvey Jun 20,2013 1:30 pm

    Great post, Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always reading but not often commenting like HER (above)! I am so proud of both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the green chair should be painted in high gloss and reupholstered in something crazy and bright!!!! YEA for brights! PS is your NEW sewing machine on the fritz? WHAT the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? I want you guy to come up for a trip to the Michigan State Univ Surplus Store…check out their facebook page you would go craaaaaaaa-craaaaaaaaaa! :)

    • Reply illjustpaintit Jun 20,2013 1:58 pm

      Yes, my new sewing machine!!!! Waaaaambulane!

      I got a similar chair to go with the green one today… I’m liking the idea of funking it up!

      I’ve already liked your surplus store! Can’t wait to visit!!!

  3. Reply Gail (@repurposedlife) Jun 20,2013 5:52 pm

    well, well, well! Rachel! you joined hometalk! how fun! Mom4Real is very nice. :) Happy you have a mentor. Everyone is so helpful on Hometalk.
    Thanks for the shout out! congrats on your first 99 days! I celebrate FOUR years next month! yikes! where has the time gone?
    have fun blogging, and working on projects!

  4. Reply Debbi Jun 22,2013 7:45 pm

    Your mom sent me your link. Brooke is studying in Shanghai this summer & you need a China visitor. I will send her your link. Wanna come to Rye & paint? At

  5. Reply Jill Wilhelm Jul 8,2013 3:33 am

    Hey, Love your blog :) You’re doing great! I love that chair (sometimes you just have to look past the ugly to see the awesome! I’ve done a bunch of “ugly” chairs I’d love for you to check out. Maybe they can help bring you some inspiration!

    p.s. I found you through hometalk looking at your toddler bench…I LOVE it!


    • Reply illjustpaintit Jul 8,2013 7:17 am

      Thanks, Jill! Much appreciated!

    • Reply illjustpaintit Jul 9,2013 1:14 pm

      I just had an opportunity to check out your chair! HELLO!!!! So super cute!

      I have a question for you. Do you have a post explaining what a linky party is and how to ‘link up’ and what it’s really all about? I see them all over, but I’m not sure what/how/where (especially where on my word press hosted blog) to do anything with it. The link party is different than ‘guest blogging’ because it’s already been posted to your site, right? I’m still learning! I just think joining one of those parties would help raise blog-awareness!

      I love the pink and am so glad you went with it for the bentwood rocker. AND…I just saw that you painted your counters with chalk paint! You’re brilliant! :)

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