Chevron Cabinet

I love the chevron’s, right? It really is the first pattern I’ve come across that I can re-create and I think they look cool. I’m not terribly big on patterns, mainly because I’m not good at determining which ones go together.  Basically, they make me nervous.

My parents had this entry way cabinet in their foyer as we were growing up. When I was 16, they moved into a different house. I don’t even remember if they put it anywhere.  It probably was in the basement. Fast forward 10 years and they gave it to me. I decided I was going to paint it. It was my first ever furniture painting experience.  My dad just did it for me.  He’s not much of a teacher. You have to look and learn with him.

me on bike

This picture is terribly blurry, but it’s the only one I can find that has this cabinet in it! I was almost 9 and got a bike for Christmas! Oh, to be that skinny again!


One thing that he had done was to plug up the holes where the hardware had been with something that looks like this.















I always hated those wooden plugs.  Anyways, I chose the paint color because I wanted something red. This is the first time I’ve ever bought paint and, of course, I bought the wrong color. It was way more pink than red. But not understanding that I could just go buy another quart and repaint it.  I lived with the color for about 6 years. I felt bad because my dad had done all this work on the cabinet, and then I didn’t like it. But it was because I didn’t like what color I had chosen, not what he had done (minus those plugs, but those holes did need to be filled in).

Once we bought the house that we now live in I knew that this pinkish cabinet was going to have to be redone. I made it work in the other house but not this one. We lived here for about a year when I finally got around to working on it. This piece is the only piece that I have ever stripped. Let me tell you something about stripping furniture. It’s stupid.  Don’t do it.

paint strip

I’m sure it’s really a great idea for some people and some pieces, but it’s not a great idea for me. There had been so many coats of that pink on the cabinet that I felt like I really had to strip it because it had never cured hard because there had been so many layers of paint.



















I really wish that you that I would have taken pictures during but I wasn’t blogging then. This stuff makes the paint bubble, and then you have to take a putty knife in scrape it off. Sometimes you can’t get it all off.  So, you have to get off through sanding. It was is an absolute mess. It probably took me longer to strip it then to figure out what colors and patterns I was going to paint and painting.  I bet I cleaned that stripping agent up for a week!

Once I got the mess of the stripping agent cleaned up, I started sanding. I also made sure that I sanded down the plugs that my dad had put in years earlier.  Now, you’d never know there had been holes there!  Mission accomplished!

Picture 044

When I go to paint furniture that is going to be in my house, I like to use the paint colors that I already have.  I chose the paint colors for my house I found them all on one page of a book.  Read more about that here.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with the painting of this cabinet. When I sanded it, I actually sanded some of the rounded edges that created the borders on the doors, and so they were they looked different because they were rounded now and hat made them flatter and thicker.

Picture 050 Honestly, I wasn’t able to get it even so I wanted to do something different with that border around the doors. I didn’t want them to stick out but I didn’t want them to look like they had not been thought of in the finishing process. And I think that when you add border with paint you make things look more interesting. Picture 043

I thought I’d test my painting skills. I didn’t use any tape on the border. I had to go back and fix trim pieces.  I probably should’ve just use tape but I didn’t. And guess what, no one really knows!

After I got the cabinet doors trimmed out, I knew I wanted to do something with the top of this.  I thought I could just paint chevrons on it thinking.  I didn’t read blogs. I looked nothing up. I just decided I could do it. I free-handed the tape (meaning I didn’t measure how the tape should go on) and it’s not terrible but it certainly is a perfect. At the time I just told myself, that I don’t want it to look perfect. I wanted it to look like somebody had done it by hand. And that’s what it looks like.

Picture 041

When I taped, I just laid down a bunch X’s to begin with and then just made my chevron pattern from the left side. I do not recommend anybody do it this way but I did it, and it works for now.  I also should have used polyurethane on the top.  When you add a pattern, the paint forms layers and you can feel the layers.  If I would’ve just added some poly to it, the top would be smooth.

Picture 053

I also had trouble when I put the doors back on with getting one of them to latch to the magnet. This is because I did not get the door hinge placed correctly. I also had it too tight. You have to make sure your doors are back on right, and you may have to loosen the screws up a little bit or they won’t shut right.  Bailey helped.

bailey with a screwdriver

My dad calls this my $500 screwdriver. He gave it to me. When you need one, you’d pay $500 for a screwdriver!

And there you have it. One last tip is to make sure when you put that tape down you really go over the edges with a putty knife. This will allow you to make sure your lines are very clean and don’t bleed through. It’s an extra step, but it makes all your hard prep work worth it.





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