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If you missed Thursday’s post, you can read how not to reupholster an ottoman here!  This post will actually show one way for reupholstering an ottoman.  I am not a professional reupholsterer.  I have only read a few blogs on how to do it.  Could I have done it differently?  Probably.  Should I have used some cardboard stripping?  Probably.  Did I know that at the time?  No.  Does it look fab?  You be the judge!  Does the client like it?  I’m pretty sure!


I measured the lengths of the outside and added 4” to the height and width.  I had 4 pieces.  I read a blog that said she had read done an ottoman that had a storage container and it was similar to this one, but not quite.  She didn’t do the inside (because she’s not stupid), she just used one piece of fabric (it was significantly smaller than the one I was doing).  I knew that using one piece would waste way too much of the fabric that I had left so I decided that I was going to figure out how to make this work without sewing this time.

With the four pieces I cut, I wrapped it around the side and stapled in the middle at the bottom. I just stapling.


Then I went to the inside of the top (of the bottom) and I pulled it not too tight because I didn’t want it to be tighter and other in some spots than others. I just wanted to be smooth and look like it belonged. After I got enough staples on the inside (about 2” down), I went to the sides and wrapped the fabric around the corners and stapled. All of a sudden it was done, well that one side was done.  But I knew I could do it now!  Yippee!  Ottoman – 1, Rachel – 1

Can I get a WOOT WOOT?

So that it took me the next piece of fabric and folded over and made a seam and just put staples in every spot so that it would stay there. After I had made that seam on the side I pulled the fabric around the next corner and stapled there and it underneath and back again on top which really meant the inside.

As I edit this, I realize just how terrible I am at the Heavy Duty stapler. If you need one, think about getting a Light Duty one or one with a battery pack. If your hands are not strong, like mine, this is what you may get!


And I just kept doing that. On all four sides making sure that my corners folded easily which they did.  I also needed to make seams with staples.  This was tricky, unless you had it figured out!  OK, put the fabric down on the wrong side.  Staple.  Flip it over.  VERY DIFFICULT (not!).  You’ve created a seam and it looks good!  On the very last seam, you will need to staple the fabric on the inside.  This is a bit more tricky, but still very doable.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Ottoman – 2, Rachel – 10 (come on, this was worth LOTS of points)

This one gets tricky because you are trying to staple the fabric tight and you are underneath it with the staple gun, but YOU CAN DO IT!

Within an hour and a half I had a box that was covered.  FOUR WEEKS TO AN HOUR AND A HALF.  Ottoman, just give up!!!



Then I took the black, brown, blue circle pattern flipped the box upside down and the fabric upside down and measured.  I know it’s not the most accurate due to it was hard to get it still.  But, it worked.  I started stapling that as a seam on the insides. And all the sudden, I had a reupholstered ottoman!


I drew a line on the inside of the fabric.  This was my seam of staples line.

I drew a line on the inside of the fabric. This was my seam of staples line.

After getting that stapled in, flipping it over checking it out, being okay with the fact that these corners were not exact because the material really wasn’t originally made for the space, I finally felt like it was as good as it was going to get it. It was not perfect, but knowing how much I had gone through already, I thought that I was going to be okay with handing this back to the client. As a matter of fact, had that last attempt with the black, brown, blue fabric not worked, I was going to give up trying to line the interior of that box. Pretty much because I just didn’t have any other ideas as to how I was going to do it. But making a seam with staples really seem to do a pretty good job!


There had been a sturdy piece of cardboard that had been lying in the bottom of this ottoman. I really wanted to get back in, so with a little muscle, I was able to get it back through the bottom. Then screwed it into the ottoman.  Yes, I put a screw through all that fabric work.  Sue me.  It worked and I was careful (I guess you’re not supposed to screw fabric). The only thing that I needed to make sure I did was once I screwed the first time, the fabric twisted. I had to unscrew a little bit and then screw back in and it worked fine.

One side almost dnoe!

One side almost dnoe!

I stapled fabric onto the feet.  I just crudely measured how much fabric I thought I would need and started at one spot stapling. One around, made some folds finished the bottom first. Then I stretched the fabric to the top of the foot and stapled that in there too. But actually didn’t take too terribly long and if you can believe it I didn’t even messed up part of it all. When it came to the scene I just folded over and stapled a tight.

989599_10200820323862963_1628498276_o 991010_10200819762768936_521972140_o

There had been some black material on the bottom of the ottoman when I took it apart. So I put that back on.

Now for putting it together, so I thought. I keep threatening to finish this project, and finally I had!

I went to put the hinges on, and determined that I’d put the black fabric on backwards.  Luckily I know how to move staples…that came in handy.  Ottoman – 5, Rachel – 10

Okay staples removed, material flipped, stables back in. Finally! Finally, I am ready to put these hinges back onto this ottoman.  I couldn’t figure that part out.  Zach to the rescue!


Yes, I am seriously going to make you look at 7 pictures of this finished ottoman because I can and because I want you to ooohhh and aaahhhh!

6 finished foot Picture 006 1 finish closed 2 finished closed

4 finished open 3 finished open 5 finished seamWell, what do you think?  I really love the combination of colors!  I hope you learned something in these last two posts…either don’t attempt this at home or make a seam with staples.  Either way, you learned something!





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5 thoughts on “Reupholstering an Ottoman: Part 2 – Rachel WINS!

  1. Reply Judy Aug 9,2013 5:38 pm

    Rachel you persevered and won — good for you. I had a similar experience while building a headboard — not a good “first” woodworking project to tackle, I learned. I love the “O” fabric, and the upholstery job looks fantastic and professional.

    • Reply illjustpaintit Aug 15,2013 8:26 pm

      Man, Judy! It was a tough one! I hate learning lessons that way!!! :) But it makes us better, doesn’t it!?!?! I have two twin headboards I’m trying to turn into a king-sized headboard. It’s been sitting in the basement for some time now. I need the perseverance on this project next! Thanks for your kind words and the comment!!!

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  3. Reply Marisa Ford Nov 25,2013 2:07 pm

    Love the final piece. Going to tackle a similar ottoman myself next week.

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